1. Exercise Tips for Seniors

    Exercise is important at any age, but seniors in particular can benefit in many ways. Staying physically active can help you control your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke. In addition, strengthening your muscles, tendons, and ligaments through working out fights osteoporosis and reduces the risk of falls. This means that seniors who work…Read More

  2. Home Security Tips for Your Traveling Senior Parent

    During the holidays, it’s common to bring along an elderly parent on your vacation. Whether you are traveling to visit another family member for the weekend or finally taking that trip to Mexico, taking your senior parent with you is a great way to create new memories with them and reminisce about old ones. The quality time you get with your parents during a vacation is absolutely worth your tim…Read More

  3. The Benefits of Mindfulness for Seniors

    Mindfulness has long been known to have a positive impact on those who practice it. Many people associate mindfulness with Buddhism because the concept draws a lot from the religion, but people of all belief systems use mindfulness to live happier, less anxious lives. Mindfulness is not just about meditation; it’s about being present in every moment of your life. However, meditation facilitates …Read More

  4. Alzheimer’s Disease: How to Prevent Wandering

    It is very common for seniors to suffer from dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, with roughly 5.3 million people over 65 affected by it. Alzheimer’s impacts memory and other cognitive abilities, with symptoms that worsen to the point that many people completely forget their loved ones. As can be expected, Alzheimer’s can be quite distressing to both those who s…Read More

  5. Why Socialization is Crucial for Older Adults

    When we're younger, we have friends to surround us. Whether they're friends from college, work, or hobbies, they're around for talking, going to parties, and all those events that make life special. However, once we get older, we start to lose our friends. The loss of dear friends and acquaintances is an invisible, painful struggle for many older adults. While family can fill many holes, grief and…Read More

  6. How Do Seniors Benefit From Gardening

    Spending your free time partaking in activities that provide beneficial responses to your body is important. As we age, there are particular activities that hold more value because of the benefits that we see from them. For instance, puzzles and light exercise have been found to be extremely beneficial in seniors avoiding Alzheimer’s and arthritis. One of the activities that provides countless a…Read More

  7. Spring Cleaning Tips For Seniors

    Spring brings so much life. From the flowers that sprout in our yard to the influx of animals that we see out and about, it’s one of the most beautiful seasons regardless of where you live. This fresh start feeling that comes with spring makes it one where we typically try to also find ourselves with a clean slate. One of the ways that we are able to do this is by taking the necessary time to cl…Read More

  8. Maintaining Your Health By Preparing Nutritious Meals

    It seems as though the older you get, the more you need to take into consideration when it comes to managing your health; between the vitamins, medication and amount of exercise you’re getting in each day, it can be easy to forget parts and overall overwhelming. While every bit of your health is extremely important, there are plenty of ways to make getting in routine as easy as can be. For insta…Read More

  9. Balancing The Stress Levels You Experience As A Senior

    There’s not a person on this planet that wouldn’t love a life without stress. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are pretty slim. The older we get, the more responsibilities we get which in turn increases the level of stress that we’re experiencing. The worst part of this is that stress begins to take a toll on our health as we become senior citizens, so being able to manage stress…Read More

  10. Resolutions For You To Set This New Year

    The best way to make sure that your year is a great one is to set resolutions for yourself so that you have something to work towards. When you prioritize working on these things, the benefits come much sooner. The team at Gulf Shore Private Health Care have a few ways that you can make 2016 the best year yet. Vitamins Vitamins play a strong role in your health and overall nutrition. Whether you…Read More