When you are in need of private home care services in our local town of Naples, you may start to ask yourself questions, such as, “Are private home care workers independent contractors?” When searching for a business for all of your private home care service needs, we’re sure this question will cross, or has already crossed, your mind. So, what’s the difference?

When is a private home care worker an independent contractor?

First things first, if you, an individual who is receiving private home care, are paying for services which can demonstrate the worker’s true independence, you can assume the private home care worker is an independent contractor and not a true employee of a home health care company.

When is a private home health care worker considered an independent contractor or employee of a company?

There are several conditions an independent home health care professionals must meet in order to be considered an independent contractor (where an employer, such as Gulfshore Private Home Care, will not be responsible for their payroll or tax obligations):

  • The private home care worker must maintain a current independent business enterprise outside an employer’s domain with their own insurance.
  • The employer must be able to prove the private home health care services provided by a worker does not have the right to direct.
  • Day-to-day operations provided by the private home health care worker are outside the household’s usual course of business.

If you, as a private home care recipient, are receiving home health care by a worker who is paid directly by the household, or a third-party processor acting on your household’s behalf, you can assume the private home health care worker is not a private contractor, but an employee of a health care company.  However, processes change frequently, so it’s important to speak to your home health care provider directly about their employment status.

Private home care is rarely provided by an independent contractor.

Did you know that, in today’s economy, it’s quite rare to receive private care from a worker who is considered an independent contractor? Have you always thought the caregiver working for you is an independent contractor? Much of this has to do with home health care companies mislabeling their home care nurses as independent contractors, so be sure you ask the company directly when hiring a private nurse for home care.

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