1. Dementia is More Than Memory Loss

    When most people think about dementia, they associate it with memory loss. While it’s true that memory loss is a hallmark of dementia, there are far more symptoms associated with this condition. The same cognitive decline that causes memory loss also presents other challenges for individuals with dementia.  These challenges have a profound impact on several areas of cognition, including:  Comm…Read More

  2. 6 Steps for Long-Distance Family Caregivers

    It’s quite common for people to care from a distance these days. With people living longer and more and more family members moving hundreds of miles away, there is a growing population of long-distance family caregivers who are at a loss for what to do. After all, it’s impossible to be two places at once, so how do you manage all of the physical, logistical, emotional, and financial challenges…Read More

  3. Safe Driving for Seniors

    After decades of driving, many seniors struggle to accept that their ability may have been affected. Though the skills and knowledge are still there, as we age, reaction times slow down. This can make driving perilous for many seniors, which is why older adults may have to limit their driving, or even stop altogether.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, after the age of 75, …Read More

  4. Protecting Your Senior Loved One From Scammers

    You don’t want any of your loved ones to fall victim to financial exploitation, but it’s an unfortunate reality that seniors in particular are vulnerable to these threats. Many scammers target older adults because they may be more isolated and have certain cognitive issues that leave them easily confused. This is particularly devastating to this population because most are no longer working, a…Read More

  5. Essential Tips for Arthritis Prevention and Care

    Arthritis is a condition characterized by inflammation of one or more of the joints. The most common symptoms of arthritis are stiffness and pain in the joints, and this condition tends to worsen over time and can become completely debilitating. According to the CDC, roughly 54.4 million Americans have arthritis, which accounts for a quarter of the country. While arthritis doesn’t discriminate w…Read More

  6. How Home Health Care Empowers Caregivers

    When you become a caregiver of a senior loved one, your priorities change. You want them to have the highest quality of life possible, but you can’t spend all of your time with them. You have other loved ones, and your own needs, to think about. This is the main reason why we offer home health care in Naples: to give your elderly loved one the care they need while giving you the freedom you need…Read More

  7. How to Intervene With Your Parent’s Unhealthy Habits

    When your parent enters into the “senior” age bracket, your dynamic naturally changes, and with this can come some awkwardness. You are responsible for their care, but they aren’t a child, which makes it a lot more difficult to get them to cooperate. Your parent may be particularly stubborn about letting go of certain unhealthy habits. “I’m an adult and I can do what I want.” “You’…Read More

  8. Helping Your Senior Loved One With The Changing Season

    Our clocks have “fallen back” after daylight savings time, and this has an impact on everyone in the country, even us here in Florida. While we may not be dealing with the bitter winter winds of the North, we are experiencing shorter days that may be having an impact on your senior loved one. In fact, if the elderly person in your life has Alzheimer’s, they may experience a condition known a…Read More

  9. Tips for Avoiding Falls

    Falls are one of the biggest concerns for the senior community, and for good reason: falls are the leading cause of injury for the elderly. As we age, our risk of falling increases. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to do what you can to prevent falls before they happen. Talk to Your Doctor It’s a good idea to discuss your concern about falls with your doctor. This way, you can discuss wha…Read More

  10. Should My Elderly Parent Have a Pet?

    When your parent begins to need more help to live their day-to-day life, you probably have a lot of questions about adjustments that they need to make to their lifestyle. You want to do what is in their best interest. There are some decisions that will be simple: for example, hiring a home health care aide to come visit them on a regular basis to ensure they remain healthy and happy. Other decisio…Read More