1. Insomnia and Seniors: What You Need to Know

    It’s normal to occasionally struggle to fall asleep, but for people with insomnia, sleep is a constant source of stress and anxiety. A person with insomnia may be tired all day long, then crawl into bed at night and toss and turn. This is a big problem because sleep is such an integral part of our health. Insomnia is more common than you might think, especially in the senior population. The Nati…Read More

  2. Talking to Your Elderly Loved One About Home Health Care

    When you realize that your elderly loved one may need in-home healthcare, it can be an overwhelming experience. You want to make sure your loved one receives the level of care they need, but cannot provide it yourself. Whether they’ve experienced a bad fall or they have been struggling to take their medication on time, you have a tough conversation ahead of you that you may be dreading. If your …Read More

  3. How to Hire a Private Duty Nurse

    If the time has come for you to hire a private duty nurse for your elderly parent in Naples, you might be experiencing a lot of emotions about it, including anxiety. After all, it is a major decision that can have an impact on the wellbeing and happiness of your loved one, and potentially the whole family. Therefore, you want to make an informed decision by collecting all the important knowledge b…Read More

  4. Are private home care workers independent contractors?

    When you are in need of private home care services in our local town of Naples, you may start to ask yourself questions, such as, “Are private home care workers independent contractors?” When searching for a business for all of your private home care service needs, we’re sure this question will cross, or has already crossed, your mind. So, what’s the difference? When is a private home care…Read More

  5. Protecting Seniors From Outrageous Summer Temperatures

    The summer sun is dangerous. While it offers a warm enough temperature to enjoy the outdoors, there are times in the summer that temperatures raise to outrageous levels, making the outdoors a dangerous place to spend time. As a senior citizen, you become more susceptible to experiencing the dangerous outcomes of the sun, such as heat strokes and dehydration. While we don’t hear about it often, n…Read More

  6. Spending The Easter Holiday With The Senior You Love

    Easter holiday is one that is greatly improved with the company of family. That being said, the best way to enjoy any holiday is by making sure that all are included in the activities going on. When your family has a senior citizen or two that are going to be attending your Easter celebration, it’s easy to fall into the mindset that they’ll be fine just watching from the sidelines, but that do…Read More

  7. When It’s Time To Stop Driving

    Driving gets you from one place to another; from home to the grocery store, the grocery store to your friends house, your friends house to the library, and the library to home, or something along those lines. You’ve been driving so long that it’s probably hard to imagine a world where driving isn’t a safe option and you rely strongly on others to get you from point A to point B. As people ag…Read More

  8. Healthy Heart Grocery Shopping Tips

    A healthy heart makes a big difference the life a person can lead, but lifestyle decisions make a big difference in the condition of an individual's heart. One of the biggest impacts made is based off of what we eat. While fast food and sweets are tempting, having a better understanding of what to look for when you’re buying groceries might help you stay away from those foods that can be harmfu…Read More