Rushing to the hospital was not part of your daily plan. But, when you get a phone call that your parent or family member has had a heart attack, the only thing you can focus on is getting to their side as soon as possible. When your loved one experiences such a serious event it can be due to a variety of different instances. Additionally, heart attacks cause the body to go through much turmoil and bouncing back gets harder as they age. A heart attack can occur because the heart is not getting enough oxygenated blood. This can be due to clots in important vessels. There are multiple ways to treat heart attacks, but most of the time they do require some sort of surgery. The aftermath of the heart attack is still going to affect your family member for some time, so it is imperative you get the home care they need and deserve.

At Gulfshore Home Care, our patients always come first. We offer the utmost care when it comes to something simple such as a companion for your senior or as advanced as a home health aid. Our main goal is to enhance our patient’s life by the care they receive. When you hire a home caregiver like ours, you will never have to worry about your loved one’s well-being again. Our care is of the highest quality and completed by people who are compassionate, understanding, and professional in a home health care setting.

In this post, we wanted to go over reasons why home care might be a beneficial option if your loved one has suffered a heart attack. If your family member has recently undergone heart surgery or you believe they need some extra assistance, please give our home care a call in Naples.

Why Choose Our Home Care

Home Aftercare for a Heart Attack


Maintain Stress and Anxiety Levels

When a loved one has experienced a heart attack, part of their recovery is to learn how to regulate stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety may create more strain on the heart and cause it to work harder than necessary. This can make recovery a much longer process. One of the ways you can help them is to keep the stress away. Home care will be able to assist your loved one with many daily tasks, simple to complex. This should help keep their stress and anxiety levels at bay.

Prevent Future Heart Attacks

While nothing is certain, one way to assist the recovery is to keep an eye out for signs and symptoms that may predict another heart attack is coming. Enrolling in home care in Naples ensures your loved one is being looked after and being checked for the possibilities of heart issues. Our home health aid is able to check blood pressure daily to make sure it is at a normal level. Our home care can also help with weight management by making sure your parent or family member is consuming healthy meals throughout the day.

Promote Exercise

One way to keep the heart healthy is to keep it active. Once your loved one gets the green light to start exercising again, they should start right away. Exercise keeps the heart strong and working as it should. Our home care can help your family member stay active and have fun while doing it.

Find Out More About Our Home Care!

There are so many benefits to Gulfshore Home Care in Naples. If your loved one has had surgery, suffers from an illness, or just needs some extra help around the home, our home care is the perfect choice for them. Our home care staff is skilled, friendly, and loves caring for others. Choose the care that matters for your loved one, call us today!