According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every three seniors will end up falling at home this year; and, out of those who do fall, only half will talk to their physician about it. Falls are the number one reason seniors end up with cuts, fractures, brain and other serious head injuries that can end up being fatal. Even when a fall isn’t serious, it can still be frightening to someone, so frightening that the person ends up avoiding activities they used to love because they are afraid of falling once again.

It doesn’t matter whether the floors are slippery, there are electrical cords, or there are rickety stairs, some of the most common falls are in homes around Naples and they give a false sense of security. Because of this, our home health care professionals have put together a list of ways to prevent falling in your home. We want you to create a safe living space for you or your loved one. Read on to learn more.

4 Ways to Prevent Falling

1. Remove or repair tripping hazards.

Sometimes cords from fixtures, rugs and wood floorboards can cause a fall which in turn will lead to injuries. Avoid becoming a victim by walking through your home and removing items such as loose carpet, wood floorboards that stick up, slippery throw rugs and cords from fixtures. Either repair, replace or remove these items to reduce your chances of falling.

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2. Clean up clutter around the house.

You’re not alone if you have clutter around your home; clean it up! Clutter is one of the most common reasons you might fall in your home. In order to prevent yourself from becoming injured, keep your home tidy and neat. Get rid of clutter you don’t need, such as old newspapers on stairs.

3. Install handrails and grab bars.

Handrails should be on all staircases and grab bars can be placed wherever you need them, such as in the shower or next to the toilet. These kinds of safety devices are an easy way to get up and down the stairs and to use the washroom safely. Stairways, hallways and bathrooms are some of the most common areas people fall; prevent injuring yourself in these areas by installing necessary safety devices, such as grab bars and handrails.

4.  Avoid loose clothing.

We’re not telling you how to dress by any means, but loose clothing is more likely to get caught on items that can make you fall. Properly hemmed and better fitting clothing is recommended so you don’t trip and fall or get caught and pulled down to the ground.

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We hope these tips can help you stay safer at home. Our home health care professionals care about your wellbeing. As always, reach out to Gulf Shore Private Home Care if you or a loved one need assistance in Naples. Call us at 239-227-2457 or contact us online here.