As your parent ages, you are likely becoming more and more concerned with their health. During this time of life, our bodies and minds go through many changes, and while not all of them are welcome, they don’t mean that your parent’s health has to decline. Seniors can stay healthy both mentally and physically by staying active. If you need some activities for your senior parent to help keep them healthy, read below for some suggestions.

Play Games

Playing games is a great way for your parents to stay mentally sharp as they age. Chances are, when you were growing up, your parent played games with you. Now that they are older, bringing out some of the classic board and card games you played when you were a child may bring up enjoyable memories for you and your parent. It could also be fun and exciting to try new games instead, particularly if you have children yourself you can include. Regardless, playing games with your senior parent is a wonderful way to bond the whole family and help their cognitive skills stay sharp.

Take a Class

One of the best ways to keep the brain functioning optimally is by learning a new skill. There are many community centers that offer classes on a variety of topics that your parent may enjoy. From painting and drawing to computer literacy, your parent has many options, allowing them to explore their interests and become excited about something new. Talk to your parent about what they are interested in, and encourage them to pursue it.

Go On Walks

Walking is a wonderful way to keep your senior parent active while enjoying some quality time together. Walking stimulates the mind while exercising the body. This low-impact activity is perfect for senior citizens as it is easy on the body while still being beneficial for their health. Make sure your senior parent has footwear that fits properly and supports them.

Try Senior Fitness Classes

In addition to classes in which seniors can learn new skills, many community centers and gyms offer senior fitness classes which can help your parent stay healthy and active. Fitness classes such as swimming, water aerobics, yoga, and dance can also benefit your parent by engaging them socially and improving their mood.

Get Them Connected

These days, it is common to have friends and family all over the country. Just because your parents’ friends or extended family live far away, doesn’t mean they can’t keep in touch. Teaching your parent how to stay connected with loved ones at a distance is a great way to help them from becoming isolated. Teach your parent how to use Skype or FaceTime to talk to their grandchildren, and consider getting them connected on social media so they can find old friends. While your parent may be hesitant at first, many senior citizens end up becoming very technologically fluent once they discover how easy it is!

Aging can be tough, but by staying active, your senior parent can be as healthy as ever. In need of a home health care professional in Naples? Contact Gulf Shore Private Home Health Care today!