Once you have the opportunity to retire, the days get long. Some of the elderly community have a hard time finding a purpose or a sense of belonging once they retire, but this can be avoided by acquiring hobbies that fill your day and allow you to develop skills. Certain individuals find participating in fitness classes or taking daily walks a great hobby, while other turn to clubs within the community. One hobby that has been found to not only be popular among the elderly community, but also offers health benefits, is gardening.

Research has been conducted on gardening and its effects on the elderly, and results have proven to be beneficial across the board. History tells us that gardening has relaxed and soothed veterans of war, troubled youth and the elderly community. If gardening isn’t a hobby that you already enjoy, here are two reasons that you should get started on your garden right now!

Relaxation & Stress Relief

As we said, history has shown that gardening provides a therapeutic experience for a variety of people! That being said, picking up gardening as a hobby will provide a stress relieving hobby to help you focus and clear your mind during your days. When with company, gardening provides an opportunity for conversation and can help keep your mind’s gears going.

Exposed To Nature

The Earth gives us so many nutrients that benefit our health! Spending time outside gardening gives your body an opportunity to soak in some of the sun’s natural vitamin D. The elderly community has shown a deficiency in vitamin D, so this is a great chance to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Another added benefit is the fresh air that you’ll be filling your lungs with!

Aside from these benefits, people who practiced gardening as a hobby showed reduced stress levels, heightened attention, and an improvement in their sleep patterns among other things. Talk to the professionals at Golfshore Home Care in Naples about other hobbies that could benefit you!