Once temperatures drop, the rate of people getting sick starts to heighten. When you’re a senior citizen, the flu has chances of becoming life threatening. Because of this, it becomes even more important that you take the time to get your high-dose Fluzone vaccination this winter. At Gulf Shore, we want to make sure that the individuals that we love taking care of are prepared to enjoy the months to come. Here’s why you should look into getting the Fluzone High-Dose vaccination.

Fluzone High-Dose is a new vaccination that was created especially for seniors. This vaccination is given to people 65 years of age and older, and contains four times the dosage of a regular flu shot. In the long run, components of the flu become difficult for seniors to overcome, posing as threats.

The four doses in the Fluzone vaccination allow for your body to produce four times the amount of microbial antigen that fights of the three main strains of influenza. Doing so allows for bodies that aren’t producing the microbial antigen as quickly, a chance to fight off the influenza, overall reducing their chances of getting the flu.

If you do however end up noticing symptoms of the flu, it’s important that you go and see a doctor immediately. Seniors have a difficult time bouncing back from the high fevers and runny noses, so the sooner that you get to the doctor the better. So long as you get the Fluzone High-Dose vaccination, maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, your chances of getting the flu will be minimized drastically!

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