Spending your free time partaking in activities that provide beneficial responses to your body is important. As we age, there are particular activities that hold more value because of the benefits that we see from them. For instance, puzzles and light exercise have been found to be extremely beneficial in seniors avoiding Alzheimer’s and arthritis. One of the activities that provides countless amounts of benefits to senior citizens is gardening.

Gardening is so incredibly beneficial because of the low impact requirements. While the physical and mental requirements seem low key, the act of gardening actually provides quite a bit of benefits.

Physical Benefits

Gardening is one of the more low key activities you can participate at any point in life. While this does require you go get in the dirt every once in awhile, being able to be out in the sun and moving around while planting and watering provides tons of benefits. While you’re outside, your body is benefiting from the amounts of vitamin D you get as well as the fresh air and practice of gardening as a whole.

Mental & Emotional Benefits

There is a lot of peace that can be found in the practice of gardening. Being able to focus directly on what you’re doing takes your mind off of the day to day stresses you encounter, which in turn lowers blood pressure and decreases the chances of depression. Gardening is also extremely beneficial in group settings, in which case it allows for you to grow in your communication and recollection abilities..

If you’re looking for an activity that will continue to provide  you with benefits, gardening is the one to pick up. As an individual with at home private care, you can count on your at home nursing assistant to provide you with the assistance needed to get out there.