Here at Golf Shore Private Home Care, we live for helping others. When it comes to home health care in Naples, FL, there is no one more committed to their patients. We go above and beyond providing your typical home health care. We are here for our patients no matter what their needs may be and given that it is the holiday season, our goal is to bring some more holiday spirit and cheer to our patients. No one likes to be alone, especially during the holidays and we are happy to spend our time with our patients.

We are always eager to help our patients in any way we can. Of course, we specialize in medical care but we are dedicated to helping our patients in more ways than just one. We are happy to provide companionship for those that are alone this holiday season. Whether we are hanging Christmas lights or helping you bake Christmas cookies, we love spending time with our patients. We are eager to assist you with any kind of preparation that is needed before a big family gathering, as well.

Preparing for a family gathering, small or large, can be a strenuous process that doesn’t get easier with age. We understand that there are a multitude of tasks that need to be done before any family event and that you want your home looking its best. We can assist with completing the smaller, everyday tasks or we can help you with any larger projects you may have. Need to get all of that holiday baking done before everyone arrives? We are happy to help!

As you age, small tasks may become more difficult. We can help! No matter what your needs may be, we are here to serve. Let us brighten your day and your holiday season by doing what we do best!