Bones and bodies weaken with age, and when this happens it takes a much longer time for the healing process to finish. Because of this it’s important to minimize the chances of any falls happening in order to avoid any serious injuries. Gulfshore Home Care has provided a few ways that you can minimize the chances of an accident happening in your home.

Get Rid Of Loose Carpeting Or Rugs

Most serious falls happen when an individual slips and can’t catch themselves. This usually happens on hardwood floors with socks on, or on loose carpeting and rugs. By removing any loose flooring the chances of any slips happening are minimized greatly. If you have hardwood flooring throughout your home, make sure that you wear sensible shoes to minimize your chances.

Clear The Walkways Of Your Home

If it’s not slipping, it’s tripping. Clearing the walkways of your home from any obstructions such as any extension cords, rugs, or any mess that is on the floor. Tucking away cords and organizing a room to create clear pathways will automatically minimize the chances of a fall happening, a clear walkway can go a long way!

Turning On Lights

When walking throughout your home, utilize the lights in your hallways and rooms. Being able to see any obstructions or obstacles ahead of you keeps you from running into them. You can also take note of what the walkway looks like, and from there take the precautions necessary to safely get to where you need.

These few precautions will really help you eliminate any chances of an accident happening when the professionals from Gulfshore Home Care can’t be there to assist you. Contact us today for any questions you have regarding the safety of your home.