If you have been keeping up with our blog series, then you are already aware that our last posted blog on July 10th gave you a couple of tips on how you can pass boring time in a hospital before you are released to your home, where you can receive private duty nursing in Naples, Florida 34102. Let’s get started listing the last few ways you could be entertaining yourself in the hospital.

  1. Learn new things! Don’t be afraid to bring crafts or hobbies into the hospital. If you are able to be creative, do so! Putting a model kit or a scrapbook together are just a couple of ways you could be active without putting yourself through a physical whirlpool.
  2. Watch TV. Search for shows you wouldn’t normally watch if you were at home! Learn new things on the discovery channel or the science channel. There are a lot of great shows to catch up on. The latest popular shows include Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and America’s Got Talent. Be sure not to spend the entire day watching TV, but enjoy it while you are.
  3. Meditation is a wonderful way to pass time. Since you’ll be getting plenty of time to yourself, why not sort out a few things and meditate?
  4. Use this time to relax! We are all so caught up in our daily lives with work, kids, and activities, that we forget to relax. Use this downtime to catch up with yourself and let your mind and body relax!

We hope that your hospital stay isn’t as dreadful as you think it will be. If these tips helped you and you are looking to continue your health care once you are discharged, be sure to visit us online and learn about our home health care in Naples, Florida that could be of great assistance to you and your post operative needs.