We understand how important it is that your loved one has the ability to safely remain at home and carry on his or her life as uninterrupted as possible. That’s why we at Gulf Shore Private Home Care make sure we perform a thorough home safety evaluation for our clients.

In order to prepare for the safety evaluation, it may be beneficial for you to check as many of the following as you can. That way, you are prepared to address any issues your loved one may encounter within the home.

Stairs: Are the stairs safe, or are they steep? Are there handrails on either side? Are the top and bottom stairs marked clearly?

Emergency Preparation: Are there fire extinguishers available? Does your loved one have an adequate number of smoke detectors in the house?

Flooring: Are there are any loose tiles or floorboards? Have all throw rugs been removed from the home? Are all area rugs firmly secured?

Furniture: Can your loved one easily sit and rise from the couches and chairs? Is the furniture in good condition and sturdy? Is the furniture arranged in such a way that your loved one can navigate the home with ease?

Electrical Precautions: Are any space heaters located in a safe place? Are all electrical cords out of the way? Is there adequate lighting?

If you check for these things before our evaluation of your loved one’s home, we can work together to ensure he or she stays safe. Call Gulf Shore Private Home Care today to learn more about our services.