outsideThe summer sun is dangerous. While it offers a warm enough temperature to enjoy the outdoors, there are times in the summer that temperatures raise to outrageous levels, making the outdoors a dangerous place to spend time. As a senior citizen, you become more susceptible to experiencing the dangerous outcomes of the sun, such as heat strokes and dehydration. While we don’t hear about it often, nearly 400 Americans die from the aftereffects of too much time in high heats. With summer right around the corner, knowing how to keep stay safe during the hot summer days is a bonus.

Dress Lightly

On the days that you are planning on staying outside for longer periods of time, it’s best if you dress lightly. Even some of the summer clothes that people find for sale in stores can be suffocating in the summer heat. Look into buying lighter materials that breathe easy and allow seniors to feel fresh. This will make the time spent outdoors more enjoyable.

Keep Hydrated

The recommended amount of water to consume on a daily basis is 8 cups. Most elderly people do not keep up with this amount of water consumption, which can lead to dehydration at a rapid pace. Because of how sweat glands change as we age, bodies don’t cool as easily, and that’s even more difficult when you’re dehydrated. Keep a bottle of water with cold water with you as you go out to keep yourself, or the senior you’re nursing, cool.

Know When To Call It Quits

Whether you’re outside for a graduation in the summer, playing with a grandkid or just looking to soak in some vitamin D, it’s important to know when you’ve had too much sun. If you begin to get sweaty, lightheaded, uncomfortable or feel even the slightest bit off, take some time to cool down in the shade or call it a day entirely. Prioritizing your well being, or the well being of your patient, is a must.

Stay safe this summer by following a few of these standard tips. If you need help at home as a senior, or have a loved one that can benefit from home care, contact Gulfshore Private Care here in Naples and we will accommodate the care that you need.