You don’t want any of your loved ones to fall victim to financial exploitation, but it’s an unfortunate reality that seniors in particular are vulnerable to these threats. Many scammers target older adults because they may be more isolated and have certain cognitive issues that leave them easily confused. This is particularly devastating to this population because most are no longer working, and falling for one of these scams could completely wipe out their savings without any income to hope to supplement it. Not only that, seniors who are victims of these crimes often experience extreme psychological distress due to shame, fear, and low self-esteem.

You want to ensure that your elderly loved one doesn’t suffer this fate. Fortunately, being proactive about the issue significantly reduces the likelihood that they will experience this type of setback. Here are some steps you can take that may help prevent your senior loved one from being scammed.

Be Present

As stated above, one of the reasons why scammers may target seniors is that they are isolated. Without many friends and family members to guide them, they don’t have anyone to help them reason. Scammers often use tactics that create urgency so that seniors will decide based on emotion rather than fact, and this is much worse when they’re alone. Make a point to visit frequently and talk to your senior loved one about their finances. Of course, you can’t be there all the time, so consider hiring a home health aide in Naples. This will provide your loved one with the companionship they need and with another person to help catch these scammers.

Invest in a Shredder

A shredder is a great security measure for seniors, and they don’t have to cost a lot. This way, you can safely dispose of credit card offers and other financial documents. Make sure to invest in one that is strong enough to shred credit cards.

Add Them to the “Do Not Call” Registry

Your loved one can’t be scammed if the scammers don’t have a way to contact them in the first place. You can add your loved one to the National Do Not Call Registry.

Don’t Provide Personal Information Over Email

Scammers will often pose as banks or other financial institutions and ask for sensitive information, such as bank account or social security numbers. These pieces of information should never be sent via email. If your loved one receives an email like this, directly contact the bank to ask about it through secure means.

Don’t Let Strangers in the House

A common scam is for the criminal to come to the door posing as a repair person in order to secure access to the home. Tell your loved one that if anyone comes to the door, they should ask for credentials and make sure the company they represent is reputable. Always ask why they need to access the property. If your loved one is of a more trusting nature and doesn’t want to pry, it may be especially important for them to have someone with them in their home.  With our home health care in Collier and Lee Counties you will be able to live a happy, safe, and independent life.  We are located in the areas of Naples, North Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, and Marco Island.  We are available 24/7.  Please call us now! 239-249-8318