It’s never an easy thing to admit that you need help, but when your safety and the safety of others is at hand, it is best to be honest with the signs. Gulf Shore Home Care offers a variety of services provided by our expert CNA’s to ensure that you are getting the best care possible.


Dementia is a leading cause of wandering. Wandering without someone watching over you increases the chances of falling and other injuries.


This refers to an agitated behavior at the end of the day. It can often create an uncomfortable or stressful environment between family and spouses. Having private home care in this case is a fantastic option seeing as how CNA’s are trained to work with this type of agitation.

Home Safety Issues.

Safety is a big factor in realizing that private home care is what you need to do. This includes safety with dementia, joints and capabilities. If walking up and down stairs is a necessity, but also a difficulty for you, having a CNA would be extremely beneficial for your comfort and safety.


Eating is a necessity. If you are struggling to purchase groceries or prepare meals, looking into private home care is, again, a good option. This is a necessity that, if you are struggling, needs to be taken care of by someone else.

If you are noticing or struggling with any of the listed signs, call Gulf Shore Home Care today. We commit to providing quality private home care here in Naples.