spring cleaningSpring brings so much life. From the flowers that sprout in our yard to the influx of animals that we see out and about, it’s one of the most beautiful seasons regardless of where you live. This fresh start feeling that comes with spring makes it one where we typically try to also find ourselves with a clean slate. One of the ways that we are able to do this is by taking the necessary time to clean out our homes. Spring cleaning is a great way to tidy up, and start fresh. As a senior, the process isn’t always so easy. However, here are a few tips that you can take into consideration with the help of your private home care and personal abilities.

Clear out your medicine cabinets.

Over the year you gain new prescriptions and then one day you look back and you’ve got a medicine cabinet filled with a variety of medications that you’re probably not even using anymore. While at times it makes sense to hold on to a few that you may need down the road, there’s no reason for you to hold on to ones that you surely won’t need. Make sure to get rid of any medications in a way that other individuals won’t be able to get to them or your personal information on the container.

Check your smoke alarms.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to just be cleaning. During this time you can also take the time to make sure that any safety precautions within your house are up to code and still safe. This includes your smoke alarms, any security systems and while you’re at it, you can even check the batteries of your thermostat. Doing this all at once will help keep you safe and confident that you’re prepared at all times.

As for the rest of the cleaning, wiping down windows, donating unused items and de-cluttering rooms are always a must. Start your spring off on the right foot by taking the time to clean your home up.