The last several weeks have been marked by uncertainty and fear as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has travelled from overseas and begun spreading across the United States. This pandemic is concerning for many people, most particularly to seniors and the people who love them. According to the CDC, senior citizens are the most vulnerable population to COVID-19, and as a result, many caregivers are seeking ways to be proactive in protecting their senior loved one’s health. 

At Gulf Shore Private Home Care, we prioritize staying informed about best practices for reducing the risk of contracting coronavirus. To help you do the same, we have compiled this list of tips to help keep your loved one healthy and safe. 

Stay Home

To protect your loved one and yourself, it’s best for you to stay home as much as possible. Your loved one should avoid crowded places, and if they do go in public, they should maintain a distance of at least six feet. Keep in mind that the disease can be asymptomatic, meaning you could have it without knowing. If you aren’t able to stay home, it’s best for you to stay away from your senior loved one at this time. 

Our home health care agency understands that it’s incredibly difficult to stay away from your loved one when you’re worried about them. In this case, home health care in Naples might be a helpful tool during this time. Our home healthcare workers are diligently working to keep all our patients safe and healthy during this uncertain time.

Stock Up on Essentials

It’s best for your loved one to avoid medical settings at this time. As such, try stocking up on their medication now. Their doctor may be able to extend their prescriptions. Mail order services are also a viable option. 

You should also stock your loved one’s home with all of the essentials from the grocery store so that they can limit their exposure to crowds. 

Wash Your Hands

We should all be washing our hands more frequently during this time, and particularly our seniors. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using the WHO hand-washing method. Make sure to wash your hands after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after coughing or sneezing. Washing your hands is more effective than using hand sanitizer, but keeping this product on hand is helpful for sanitation on the go. 

Be Aware of Symptoms

Symptoms of COVID-19 may appear as soon as two days and as long as 14 days after exposure. Reported symptoms have ranged from fever and cough to more severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing, pneumonia, and acute respiratory syndrome. If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, contact your doctor right away. 

Call Your Doctor If You’re Sick

If you’re not feeling well, it’s important to help others by preventing the spread of illness. Do not go out in public places and isolate yourself from others in your home. Make sure to contact your doctor by phone; do not go into the office if you’re not feeling well. Wear a mask if you have symptoms; while this will not protect you from the disease, it will prevent it from spreading to others. Do not share any personal household items, such as dishes, drinking glasses, utensils, towels, or bedding with other people. Clean all frequently touched surfaces at least daily, such as tabletops, doorknobs, toilets, keyboards, phones, and bedside tables. 

At Gulf Shore Private Home Care, we recognize that this is a difficult time for seniors and their loved ones. If you need the support of a home healthcare worker in Naples, we would love to help. Contact us today to get started.