In Home Private Health Care


As home health is a growing trend in healthcare, it provides clients with increased options. Although the hospital is vital to community health, there are multiple options to decide on once discharged from the hospital. There are rehabilitation, assisted living, as well as skilled nursing facilities. Two important factors to consider are comfort and cost. Home health care provides clients the ability to stay in the comfort of their own home with a one-to-one caregiver to client ratio. Home health also is a fraction of the cost compared to facilities. With private home care, the client can decide on the individual caregiver they choose to have in their home. A caregiver can also accompany clients while they are in facilities in order to provide the same level of care. It is important for seniors to know about the many options they have the choice to decide on.

There are several questions to ask before deciding on a home care company.

  • Is the company licensed by AHCA? (This is a stringent process with many rules and regulations)
  • Do the caregivers have a level 2 background check and professional liability insurance?
  • What is the policy on drugs?
  • Does the company accept Medicare or Medicaid?
  • Does the company accept private insurance?
  • Is there a 24 hour RN available on call?
  • What level of care do you think that I need?
  • Can I interview the caregivers?


Some other things to consider….


  • How was the customer service when you called?
  • Did the company make you feel valued?
  • How available did the staff seem?
  • If the home care company was not exactly what you were looking for, did they refer you to a company that would better suit your needs?


These are all questions that would help you determine the integrity of the company. As a small, local company, we value the concept of customer satisfaction. We also value the family within the care planning process. As a mother and wife myself, that has grown up locally in Naples, I know how important family is. I want our clients to feel like we are an extension of their own families.  We can be there as healthcare advocates to ensure the best possible outcomes.


After reading my post, do you have any other questions?

Would you use private home care?


Thank you,

Genny Ernst, RN, BSN