1. Intergenerational Care

    Raising Children While Caring for Elderly Parents Raising children while caring for your parents is a special kind of balancing act. Your senior may feel like they’re in the way. Your kids may act out when they sense that you are stressed about the responsibilities. Some reasons why your children might act out are: Anxiety about changes in the family dynamic Sadness about the changes they see in…Read More

  2. How to Keep Feet Healthy

    Care for your feet so they can care for you Did you know that by age 50 the average adult has walked 75,000 miles? And with life expectancy going up each year, that is many more miles that we should expect to walk. No foot pain is “normal," even as we age. Many of our older loved ones may chalk up foot pain to the aging process and ignore it. Worse yet, they often cut back on activities to try t…Read More

  3. Eye Conditions

    As we age, vision impairment is one of the most common physical losses. Many eye conditions that cause sight loss and blindness are insidious and aren’t diagnosed until extreme measures are necessary. Vigilance about your senior’s eyesight is important to catch conditions early for easier and more reliable treatment. Some of the more common eye conditions that may affect your loved one are mac…Read More

  4. Caring for Mentally Alert Seniors with Physical Limitations

    Being physically limited while mentally alert can be especially difficult. There are ways to cope with this situation, though. Many people feel that their brains stay young even as their bodies age. Physical challenges affecting mentally alert seniors can be frustrating as a result. Many aspects of aging are challenging. The deterioration of the body is one of those challenges. For seniors who are…Read More

  5. Tips for Unifying Seniors Care Team

    How to Help a Senior’s Caregiving Team Work Together Many seniors rely on the care and support of multiple people. This type of community is important, but can also be a problem if everyone isn’t working in sync. Use these strategies to work as a team. Why It’s Important to Stay in Sync Excellent caregiving can reduce some of the risks seniors face, but if a caregiving team is out of sync, r…Read More

  6. Asthma

    Did you know that, while our brain is only about 2% of our body mass, it consumes 20% of the oxygen that we breathe in? Just 5 minutes without oxygen can cause noticeable brain damage. Asthma is often characterized by coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness or pressure. According to the CDC, 1 in 13 people suffers from asthma. It is characterized by the inflammation of the bro…Read More

  7. New Year’s Goals

    For older adults, making a New Year’s resolution can be a symbol of hope. Resolutions are a sign to their inner selves that they believe they will be around for the coming year to enact those changes. The word “resolution” has gotten a stigma as something that people start on January 1st and break on January 2nd. Calling a resolution a goal might help everyone get out of the mindset that the…Read More

  8. Protect Seniors’ Dental Health

    The Importance of Senior Dental Health Dental care is about more than cosmetics. Dental health affects overall health. As a result, it’s important for seniors to take care of their oral health. Oftentimes seniors think that dental care is no longer necessary, especially if they are using dentures. However, dental health is important to manage throughout the aging process. Taking care of dental h…Read More

  9. Home Safety

    Where are the Hidden Hazards for at Home Seniors? There could be hidden hazards to your aging loved one in their home. It is essential to recognize and remedy these hazards to keep your senior safe at home. Home is not always a sweet home. There could be hidden hazards to your aging loved one in their very own home. It is essential that these hazards are recognized and remedied to keep your senior…Read More

  10. Fun Crafts to do with the Elderly During the Holidays

    Make Holiday Memories with Seniors Take on these simple projects with seniors to make special holiday memories together this season. The crafts are easy and fun. Part of the joy of the holidays is making memories together. Senior mobility and energy may be limited, but making simple crafts at home are special ways to brighten the holidays. 5 Nostalgic Projects to Make This Holiday Season These cra…Read More