1. A Common Mistake Made by Caregivers

    As a nurse of 19 years and home care business owner for the past 7 years, I have seen quite a few mistakes by caregivers.  But the most common mistake I see year-to-year is caregiver inaction when it comes to suspected elderly exploitation. The definition of elderly exploitation, according to the department of justice, “refers to the act or process of taking advantage of an elderly person by an…Read More

  2. Home Health Care Available for those in Need in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Marco Island

    Are you or someone you love in need of a great home care provider in Collier or Lee County? We strive to be the best and give the best care possible to all of our clients.  Gulfshore Private Home Care is the areas go-to home health care leader. We can provide many different services: Elder Care 24-Hour Care Respite Care Companion Care Hospital Discharge Chronic Conditions Care Dementia Care Nursi…Read More

  3. Home Care Helps Seniors Cope with Loss of Independence

    For people in search of nursing or personal care for a loved one, home health care is the most viable and affordable option for many. Gulfshore Home Care is designed to preserve as much of our clients' independence as possible and of course our services allow clients to remain comfortable in their own homes.  However, even aging in place with the help of caregivers triggers fears for many seniors…Read More

  4. Supporting Seniors’ Nutritional Health

    Many seniors face inadequate nutrition. The effects of being undernourished or malnourished can be dangerous, so it is important to recognize signs of nutritional issues in aging loved ones. Common Challenges to Seniors’ Nutritional Health Typically, nutritional issues are associated with poverty or illnesses. For seniors, however, some of the most common challenges include: Difficulty getting t…Read More

  5. Dementia is More Than Memory Loss

    When most people think about dementia, they associate it with memory loss. While it’s true that memory loss is a hallmark of dementia, there are far more symptoms associated with this condition. The same cognitive decline that causes memory loss also presents other challenges for individuals with dementia.  These challenges have a profound impact on several areas of cognition, including:  Comm…Read More

  6. 5 Steps for Long-Distance Family Caregivers

    It’s quite common for people to care from a distance these days. With people living longer and more and more family members moving hundreds of miles away, there is a growing population of long-distance family caregivers who are at a loss for what to do when their loved ones need additional help.   After all, it’s impossible to be two places at once, so how do you manage all of the physical, …Read More

  7. The Dos and Don’ts of Dementia Care

    When your loved one has mid-to-late stage dementia, it’s common for them to present new behavioral problems. The progression of the disease comes with many emotions, such as confusion, anger, sadness, paranoia, and fear. This can result in issues that often make it difficult to communicate with loved ones with dementia.  This is one of the most distressing parts of dementia care. It’s also en…Read More

  8. Safe Driving for Seniors

    After decades of driving, many seniors struggle to accept that their ability may have been affected. Though the skills and knowledge are still there, as we age, reaction times slow down. This can make driving perilous for many seniors, which is why older adults may have to limit their driving, or even stop altogether.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, after the age of 75, …Read More

  9. Meal Prep Tips for Busy Caregivers

    Caregiving takes up a lot of your time, and one area that may be particularly time-consuming for you is preparing meals. Between planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning, it can feel like a full-time job. Not only that, making meals for a senior loved one can be complicated, whether they have many dietary restrictions and nutritional needs or are simply a picky eater (or both!).  Somethi…Read More

  10. Protecting Your Senior Loved One From Scammers

    You don’t want any of your loved ones to fall victim to financial exploitation, but it’s an unfortunate reality that seniors in particular are vulnerable to these threats. Many scammers target older adults because they may be more isolated and have certain cognitive issues that leave them easily confused. This is particularly devastating to this population because most are no longer working, a…Read More